Dubai Global Connect is the only truly international market centre that brings together buyers and sellers with great goods from all over the world, all year round in one central location, for safe and easy trade.

Where the world comes to trade

The extraordinary growth and rapid commercialization of Dubai in recent years has created immense opportunity as a destination for companies interested in developing trade relations with international buyers. The introduction of a neutral, permanent trade center in the vibrant, international hub of travel and commerce, combined with a comprehensive Smart Service Centre, provides an ideal format for foreign companies wishing to establish their Middle East sales and marketing headquarters for this part of the world.

Instead of travelling the world, why not meet halfway?

A Global City of Trade

A purposefully built destination, open throughout the year located in Dubai South, accommodating hundreds of high-end brands, manufacturers, and suppliers from around the globe in one location. Beautifully designed permanent showrooms supported by adjacent temporary exhibition space focused on innovation to host and manage buying events throughout the year.An initiative of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, DGC offers a host of best-in-class products and services designed to simplify and boost business between international buyers and sellers.

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