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DGC offers access to 5 billion daily food consumers within an 8-hour flight from Dubai.

Located in one of the most gastronomically diverse cities in the world, DGC is the ideal home for food & beverage companies who want to build a solid distribution base for their products and rapidly accelerate their international presence.

Centrally located between the African, European, and Asian (AEA) market triangle, DGC offers suppliers access to all the countries within the region using Dubai’s leading logistics network as well as clear and transparent guidelines to country-specific trade requirements.

Buyers significantly benefit from Dubai’s central location which makes traveling to meet the world’s leading suppliers easy, enjoyable, and straightforward.

DGC’s food business model is designed to focus on your products visibility, availability, and distribution needs, ensuring that DGC constantly drives buyer traffic towards your business through five key accelerators:

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What you will find at DGC

  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Fats & oils
  • Health, wellness & free-from
  • Pulses, grains & cereals
  • World food
  • Snacks

Business establishment
Establishing your business with DGC is fast, simple, and straightforward and offers you the benefits of 0% taxation and 100% ownership.

Physical space
DGC’s modern permanent modular showrooms provide around the clock visibility for your products & brands, while enabling face to face interaction with buyers & distributors.

Digital space
DGC’s state-of-the-art digital platform enables buyers to access your goods and services from anywhere across the world.

Awareness generation
DGC’s partnership with the Dubai Chamber & The Dallas Market Center enables us to spread the word about DGC’s customers products and services through 13 trade offices located across 7 continents.

Active management
DGC’s team of industry professionals work on connecting your brands with the best-in-class distributors across the region and can ensure that all your day-to-day business is seamlessly managed and accelerated within your brand and product guidelines.

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