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The One Stop Shop supports businesses new to the region with getting started and maximizing their operations.

Company Licensing

Take advantage of Dubai’s tax benefits & minimize your cost by opening a Dubai license

Showroom Fit-out

Your showroom design and build is available through vetted 3rd party service providers

Showroom Manager

To manage the day-to-day operation of your business, HR support is available


You can open your multi-currency UAE bank account through our banking partners


Vetted 3rd party accounting firms are available to manage your daily transactions


Leading local and global legal firms are available to extend their services.

Warehousing & Storage

Ensure your product is always available to customers through 3rd party storage solutions

Shipping & Transport

Ship your products to your customers using the best local & global shipping lines.

Regulatory Affairs

Ensure your labels are export compliant; 3rd party regulatory affairs will guide you on

design and registration.

Office Rental

You can rent your private office space directly through DGC.

Event Venues

Your events can all be hosted at DGC to ensure you are always near your showroom.

Marketing & Awareness

Leading local and global marketing & advertising firms are available to extend their services

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