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Nature’s Own Factory Joins Dubai Global Connect 

Dubai Global Connect (DGC) has recently welcomed Nature’s Own Factory to the DGC community.

Nature’s Own Factory has created a worldwide trend for buckwheat tea, but now also produces buckwheat tea blends with fruits and healthy sweets with buckwheat seeds as well as chocolates, granola, wafers, and products created for kids. The company, whose products are available in major supermarkets in Dubai, such as Carrefour,  has recently moved its production to Dubai.

Paul Boots, Head of Business Development said “Nature’s Own Factory is another great addition to DGC’s Food community, and we are thrilled to welcome them. After the recent opening of their local production facility, opening a showcase and tasting center in DGC will support and enable them to connect with clients in Dubai”.    

“We are excited to start cooperation with DGC. We believe that our products can benefit not only customers by helping them lead a healthier lifestyle, but also sellers, opening up new opportunities for them to develop their business, expand it and keep it on-trend. We share our unique products with the world and create new directions in the sales industry for food projects, hospitality, and supermarket chains — this way, these companies push the business forward”, said Seda Khunkaeva and Anna Khabarova, the founders of Nature’s own factory.


Visit Nature’s Own Factory ‘s Showcase at the Dubai Global Connect Visitor Centre.

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