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Yoca’s iconic Kirigami cabinet on display at DGC

As we curate our international Home Market Centre at Dubai Global Connect, we often come across interesting and unique pieces, crafted all over the world. The Kirigami cabinet by Pakistani furniture brand YOCA (Young Artist Collective) is a great example.

Ralli art, a traditional weaving technique extensively used in rural Pakistan by women to make quilts out of leftover cloth pieces for their children, was studied to create the design.

Inspired by this age-old technique, chips of waste rosewood were sorted and patched together. The design process comprised of a series of tests where fabric was stitched and cast, eventually creating a pattern.
Sections of this woven piece were cut to understand the tectonics which were mapped and scrutinized. The wood pieces were then stitched together with brass strips, so each pattern that evolved with the fold came from the natural expulsion and attraction of the material to each other, and how each piece responded to the other.

Traditionally, the process was organic and informed the final outcome. The rosewood chips would be considered waste and end up in a landfill but the prudent approach of the village women to clothe their families allowed innovation according to this philosophy: “To recreate…reinvent…reuse…and recycle..”

We invite you to see the Kirigami cabinet and learn more about YOCA at the DGC Visitor Centre.

Sapna Sharma

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